Monday, 10 September 2012

Boltaction from warlord games

so at last i got to play warlord games Bolt action ww2 game. And what a very good game it is too.
This was our first game of Bolt action, we had to flick into the book a few times but it can be expected playing a new game for the first time. we played a 1000 point game.
waffen ss veteren . Against regular Brittish troops with  a veteran Brittish para squad.
Here is a pic of the battle field.

we played a simple fight to the death game just to get to know the rules.
Both sides started the game by rushing forward to the village in the centre as fasy has they could move. AT this point who got the orders was not a problem. It would be the next turns that counted when the two armys where closer.
The stug moves off up the road towards the village. a squad in the ploughed field and the HQ in a field.
 The brits ready for the push with cromwell and 6 pounder HMG and HQ.
The cromwell moves up on a direct path to meet the stug. the whole brittish line moves forward.
The brittish left HMG and a reg squad.
The stug and half track getting closer to the village centre. The order dice were all coming out brittish
at this point. But it was early days. At this point the stug swung a right to try to flank the cromwell.
The german HMG moves up with HQ and the half track comes to a stop. Ready for the sqaud to jump out. The cromwell gets to the village centre. with HQ and the other squad.
At the top of the road the cromwell opens up its turret machine gun only getting a pin on the german squad that had just left the half track.

sneaky sneaky the german stug supported by a sqaud move up the right. I really liked the way pin markers work in this game. the most a unit had on them at one time was 4 and they managed to rally and remove all 4 in one go. The order system is great keeps you on your toes and thinking all the time
makes for fun tense games.

In true grit and brittish spirit they try to assult the waffen ss but fall short. The waffen ss squad open up. The stg 44, 2 attacks is deadly.

The cromwell survives a panzerfaust and stug shell, very very lucky.
The cromwell turns its turret opens up on the stug and BOOM the stug catches fire. The crew try to put it out but my dice rolls let me down. The shame lol the tank crew run from the burning stug.

The paras try to help out but allso get cut to ribbons by the ss squad and the german HQ.

Fighting on the right flank. The german sniper in the white building started to kill at last, and was very affective when finally he got into a good spot.

Hand to hand inside a building.

The german HQ moves up behind the burning stug.
It was at this point we called it a draw, i had nothing that could touch his panzetfaust had been wasted. and the othe guy killed. I had not taken Anti tank grenades so thats some thing for next time. My sons 6 pounder did nothing, lack of objective's gave it nothing to defend. All 3 brittish squads had been wiped out, plus the HQ and HMG.
A very good game lots of fun and the rules are very well thought out and easy to follow, but give lots of tactical play. nice one warlord.

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